Beautiful culture builds strong community. 

And strong community builds beautiful culture.

We promote the development of healthy communities through artistic collaboration, telling truthful narratives with positive impact.

Join our community.


Brevity Troupe

Theater is impossible without community – the tension, conflict, and diversity combine to create harmony and coherence somehow. The final product always represents an entire community rather than an individual.

Brevity Chorus

When people sing together, their heartbeats start to sync – beating as one. The world needs more united heartbeats, and song has been used for generations to pass down community values and stories.


Brevity Collabs

Brevity partners with and supports local artists or communities so we can practice what we preach and be a part of building beautiful culture together. We also want to find new ways to empower art and benefit our communities.

You’re invited!

There’s a lot happening around here. Come be a part of it.

Troupe Production:
Beau Jest!

March 28th – 30th
Southwest Valley Bible Church
710 E Williams Field Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Chorus Performance:
Spring 2019

April 11th
My First Piano Recital Hall
1818 East Southern Avenue Suite 5
Mesa, Arizona 85204

Summer Workshops 2019

June 18th, June 20th
My First Piano Recital Hall
1818 East Southern Avenue Suite 5
Mesa, Arizona 85204

Donate to Brevity

We love doing what we do, and community art is only successful with a community of people who support artistic projects and outreach. We’re so grateful for the ideas and volunteer hours from the Brevity community. We’d also like to invite you to partner with us financially to help local visionaries create art and strengthen connections. Care to join us?

See projects and musings every once and awhile.