We love doing what we do, and community art is only successful with a community of people who support artistic projects and outreach. We’re so grateful for the ideas and volunteer hours from the Brevity community. We’d also like to invite you to partner with us financially to help local visionaries create art and strengthen connections. Care to join us?

In case you’re wondering, we’re absolutely a 501c3. Check us out on Guidestar if you want to know more! Tax ID: 81-2374876 

Started from the Bottom

We started off as a few friends with a crazy idea. We had no idea what we were doing, but somehow, over the last few years we’ve bootstrapped more than ten plays. We’ve also developed a strong network of skilled volunteers and a growing base of fans and followers. Now we’re looking for funding to take what we’ve learned and the resources we’ve developed to other groups of friends with crazy ideas.

So far, we’ve bootstrapped….

Now we’re looking for some financial fuel.

Sponsor a Project


There are so many local, writers, directors, actors, and filmmakers in our valley who have contacted Brevity for support! We’re excited to help them all build their own communities.

Brevity Sound System


We are looking to buy Brevity’s first sound system, complete with lapel mics for our cast! No more projecting to the back row on our open air stage and losing voices!

We believe that community and art go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Are you looking to start a project? We’d love to help!


Do you have a question? Contact us!