Ian Pardo

Director of Brevity Troupe

Ian has been with Brevity since the very first production (Much Ado) where he played the role of Claudio. Since that time, Ian has held various positions in Brevity: he has directed three times, acted in four of Brevity’s productions, and served as house manager for many others. As Director of Troupe, Ian works hard to bring quality productions to the stage that not only will the audience enjoy but also bless the cast and crew involved. Some of his duties involve production management, director selection, and play selection.

Ian loves the Community that Brevity has built and takes pride in bringing new folks into the Brevity family. You can usually find Ian in the middle of a group of people smiling and talking with various cast, crew, and audience members.

When Ian is not helping with Brevity Productions, He works as a salesman for a tech company. He and his wife Valerie, enjoy traveling, trying new foods, and hanging out with friends.

email: troupe@brevityart.com

Random Trivia

  • Ian has an addiction to Chick-fil-a Sandwiches.
  • Ian and his wife Valerie survived a category 5 hurricane while on their honeymoon.