Mitchell Atencio

Chief Marketing Officer

Mitchell is a storyteller and artist of many mediums. His love for theater, in particular, began before he reached teen-hood. As Brevity’s Chief Marketing Officer, his passion is to translate the stories told on stage for digital, print, and social platforms. Promoting Brevity is about more than just “marketing.” Brevity believes in community expression, and Mitchell is focused on building participation and dialogue between production team and audience. It’s not just about ticket sales, it’s about deepening the sense of community.

Brevity is not the only place Michell tells stories: in May he will finish his BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and is currently as a political intern with the Arizona Republic. He also works at Grace Records in Gilbert. Mitchell previously served as science and tech editor, politics editor, and politics reporter at the State Press.

You can usually find Mitchell with a camera in his hand. He is a perpetual student of photography and design, being influenced Ray Neutron, Ansel Adams, Søren Kierkegaard, San Juan de la Cruz and his (soon-to-be) wife Michaela. He’s also a huge follower of rap music, and is honored to have photographed Lecrae, Swade, and Wordsplayed. He’s also designed album art for Swade.

Random Trivia

  • Mitchell is often found discacled – barefoot. Feel free to ask him about it sometime.
  • Mitchell was born and takes pride in his hometown of Atlanta, GA.