The Cast of Parfumerie

Lisa Blasi

Lisa graces the Brevity stage again as the sweet and strong Amalia Balash. This is Lisa’s very first production with Brevity Troupe, and she has quickly wormed her way into the hearts of cast and crew. Lisa is a music teacher and choir director – she’s no stranger to the stage. We’re extremely grateful to have her.

Brevity Troupe Cast

Amalia Balash

Chris Redfield Guardiola

Chris Redfield Guardiola is relatively new to theatre, although he’s had the acting bug since he was in high school. After Brevity’s recent production of Dr. J & Mr. H, Chris said two things surprised him most about being in theater: He compares when a scene finally comes together to winning a game and it’s what makes this worth it to him.

Brevity Troupe Cast

Mr. Hammerschmidt

Chris Jordan

Chris is Brevity Troupe’s resident techie and typecast loverboy. Last summer’s production of A School for Scandal was his introduction to us, and he’s back this year, this time playing Mr. Horvath – fiercely loyal shop employee.

Brevity Troupe Cast

Mr. Horvath

Kyle Blomquist

Kyle is another Brevity regular – having played in or directed nearly every production we’ve offered since the beginning. Extremely talented, Kyle can play almost any role you throw at him, and this play allows his boyish charm to come out in full force. Kyle also worked as the set manager for this production

Brevity Troupe Cast

Arpad Novack

Benjamin Spear

Benjamin Spear joins the cast in his first play since School for Scandal, taking up the role of Mr. Sips, old cohort and employee of Mr Hammerschmidt. This role is a challenge for Ben, who is highly athletic, to tone down his physicality to embody a more elderly persona. He has proved himself completely up to the task.

Brevity Troupe Cast

Mr. Sipos

Colleen Clauss

Colleen was in Brevity’s first show and never strayed far, either acting in or directing nearly every Brevity production since. Colleen is a senior in high school and her favorite thing about Brevity is the relationships built between cast members. She loves how Brevity is a family and how close all the cast members become during rehearsals.

Brevity Troupe Cast

Miss Molnar

Liz Emery

As a professional cosmetologist, Liz probably connects to her character’s line of work more than anyone else in this play. She is also Brevity’s Makeup Director, and she makes us look good, doesn’t she?

Brevity Troupe Cast

Miss Ritter

Nathan Thomson

Nathan Thompson is a newer name to the Brevity stage. Nathan says he didn’t realize how much went into building a character, such as voices and work that goes on behind the scenes. Nathan loves his costume and all the props he gets to work with.

Brevity Troupe Cast


Max Casteel

Max has been in a few of our productions, and each time his passion and expressive qualities add drama to whatever role he’s playing. In Parfumerie, Max plays the intolerable Steven Kadar.

Brevity Troupe Cast

Steven Kadar

Jacob Jones

Jacob joins the Parfumerie cast as young Fritz, newest employee to step into the madness.

Brevity Troupe Cast


Matthew Kuntz

Matthew Kuntz joins the cast in his second play with Brevity. Matthew has had a great deal more time to mold his role in Parfumerie in comparison to his first Brevity play – where he had only a few weeks before the show. Matthew is always dedicated to bringing his characters to life in a unique way.

Brevity Troupe Cast

Young Gentleman

Patrick Lingafelter

Patrick Lingafelter started out backstage in Brevity’s first show and, after taking center stage as Dr. Jekyll in our last production, Patrick is giving his mind a break with a smaller role. His commitment is anything but, however. Patrick puts 100% into every part he plays.

Brevity Full Cast


Hannah Foote

Hannah is no stranger to performance. Her day job is transforming into a Disney princess, so her role as Mrs. Mezei’s Maid is easy peasy.

Full Cast

Mrs. Mezei’s Maid