Thank You!

Your support keeps us going

Because of donations like yours we are able to focus on cultivating cultural communities. We love collaborating with all kinds of people on projects that demonstrate important facets of life, or understand another’s perspective in a new way. Every dollar helps us to serve more people. Thanks for your investment in community art, and thanks for trusting us to put it to good use!



Community art has been shown to be a powerful tool for drawing people together. A thriving community is marked by symbiosis, like the Three Musketeers: “all for one, and one for all.” Connections like this also build social capital within and between communities, empowering people to flourish. 


Mass-produced media has resulted in a handful of millionaire artists, and millions of artists with barely a handful of cash. Beyond that, artists are notoriously unorganized. When Brevity gains experience, we build products, instruction, and tools to help other communities make art together.



Inclusion means that everyone has a stake – regardless of race, sex, age, economic status, language, or life experience. Inclusion entails actual engagement and involvement in course plotting, steering, and artistic input. Representation in storytelling is wildly important. Everyone should be heard.

Brevity Community Values

Community Expression

Theater has to be relational. It takes teamwork and the final product should express the values and relationships of the community. We meet people, learn from them, represent them, honor them, advocate for them. It’s not about self-expression – we’re in it for the whole community.

Artistic Storytelling

We don’t do art just for art’s sake. Stories have the power to bring people together in community to shape culture. We select stories that explore what it means to be human. The way we tell stories matters just as much as their content because good art impacts people deeply.

Optimism Culture

We expect people to grow. We expect to succeed. We expect to make the world a better place. Our focus is directed toward the good that we encounter, because attitude can make or break an entire production. Positivity is not naivete. Positivity is looking for what is best and pursuing it.

Collective Betterment

Brevity is an environment of growth. We support each other in our pursuit of excellence onstage and offstage. We want the people who join Brevity to leave with new skills and relationships. Imperfection isn’t a problem, it’s a chance to keep getting better.