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Fall 2020 Production

We are excited to announce our cast for the Fall 2020 production, Twelfth Night!

Jeff Davey as Count Orsino
Daniel Flavin as Sir Toby
Ken Chambers as Malvolio
Gavin Fuqua as Sir Andrew
Chris Jordan as Sebastian
Katie Flavin as Viola
Kailyn Pahnke as Olivia
Julie Teplik as The Clown
Autumn Shorts as Maria
Colleen Rains as Antonia
Colleen Claus as Fabian
Judith Spear as Valentina

Break a leg, guys!

About Troupe

Brevity Troupe was born out of friendship and a love for theater in 2015. Since that time, this team has presented over ten full-length productions including Cyrano De Bergerac, King Lear, and Parfumerie. In all our endeavors at Brevity, we’re looking to give people an outlet for their creative abilities, as well as the place to hone their skills or develop some! We welcome you to join us. 

If acting is not your thing – never fear! It takes a lot of spokes to make a wheel turn, and we’re always looking for set designers, makeup artists, light techs…you name it.

I can’t imagine my life without the experience I had with Brevity. I’ve always been interested in theater but never had the opportunity to discover just how damned fun this is. Also never in my entire life have I experienced such acceptance. I am truly humbled by the open arms and inviting nature of these people. After spending a lifetime being an outcast, I can now say, for once, it’s not true. Thank you for that. I am indebted to you, Brevitans.


 – Chris Redfield

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